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Assessment of eye health history done before LASIK eye surgery

Before undergoing the laser eye surgery, you must go through a thorough examination by an eye care professional. It is done to identify whether yourhealth conditionmay affect your vision in future and we inform you the potential outcomes of the laser eye surgery. We make clear about the vision health status.

  • During this session, your medical history is evaluated and your eyes are being tested. The various tests include measuring corneal thickness, refraction, and pupil dilation. At meeting with your surgeon, you can ask questions that you may have then you can book an appointment for the surgical procedure.

  • If you have any questions regarding why a test is omitted or added, you are free to question your eye care professional. After getting full satisfaction you can carry out the further procedure.

LASIK eye surgical procedures

Versatile features found

Laser eye surgery corrects your cataract problems. This eye surgery is associated with very little pain due to the numbing drops that are used. Vision is corrected immediately or by the day after laser eye surgery. No bandages or stitches are required. Most of our patients have a dramatic reduction in eyeglass or contact lens dependence and thus enjoy their lifestyle.

Inter and intra operative complications

Changes made to the cornea cannot be reversed after laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is typically complex and problems may occur when the doctor creates the flap, which can permanently cause loss of vision.You may develop debilitating visual symptoms, particularly glare, halos, and double vision that can seriously affect night-time vision.